Solid Waste Management

McGill & Associates Engineering Ltd. has been designing solid waste facilities and infrastructure throughout Vancouver Island for over twenty years.

We have prepared and helped implement Operating Plans as well as Landfill Closure Plans to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Environment. In addition, we can provide sampling and monitoring services to help identify any environmental impacts on the surrounding areas.


We are experienced with the design of leachate control, collection and treatment systems, as well as the design of measures to prevent the access of vermin and foragers to the site.

Our goal is to help design and implement solid waste facilities that serve each community's needs while trying to minimize the environmental impact. We have assisted local governments in determining ways to help promote recycling within their communities. We helped achieve this by engineering transfer stations complete with weigh scales and sorting bins. This type of improvement increases the lifespan of the landfill by reducing the volume of waste.