Maaqtusiis Subdivision

Ahousaht First Nation
Project Date: 
1998 to 2012

The Marktosis Reserve IR #15, home of the Ahousaht First Nation, is located on a peninsula on Flores Island in the Clayoquot Sound. As the population of the community grew, a shortage of land suitable for housing resulted. In 1998, Ahousaht began the process to add the lands south of the village to their reserve, and in 2010, construction began on a new subdivision known as Maaqtusiis.

The subdivision required the construction of an aggregate quarry, water and sewer mains, a sewage pump station, and a stormwater detention pond. The project included the first asphalt paved roads in Ahousaht. In October of 2011, the completion of the subdivision was celebrated with a traditional feast and ceremony.